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Look who is following our boat!
Stopping in to say Hello!
Momma dolphin with her baby
Cody swimming with a Dolphin Thanks for this picture!!
Coming up to say Hello!
Victoria and Danielle's upclose dolphin encounter
Waves rolling in on Shell Island
Sunset on the water
Scallop, We do not keep these!
Sea Urchin , we do not keep these!
Starfish ( We do not keep these unless we find one that is not alive)
Local Favorite, Mr. Scars playing in the wake of a boat. Picture courtesy of Russell, Thanks!!!
Customer submitted photo
Customer submitted photo
Shane snorkeling with 
\ "Dolphina" and her baby Summer 2011
Under water photos submitted by Valerie and Stephen Perino Thank You!
Valerie's upclose encounter
Valerie playing with  one of the Dolphins
Valerie holding a Cannonball Jellyfish
There is a starfish on Steves head!
Shane and Victoria hanging out with "Dolphina" our local favorite
A curious couple of dolphins
Younger dolphin playing doing rolls and flips
Thanks for these next few photos Jennifer and  Steve!
Captain Tim with the Volkodav Family
Snorkeling with Dolphins
Stone Crab
Captain Lee with  our newest deckhand!
Fun in the sun!
Thank you so much to Lena & Oleg for the photos!
2 of our own children, Jewels and Trevin snorkeling with "Dolphina"
Jewels is only 5 in this picture
Look what I found mom!!! I love this picture!
One of the beautiful things we get to see quite often, are the tiny baby dolphins with their mommies! So sweet!!!
Our Dock buddy =)
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All of our pictures are taken personally or submitted by YOU! 
Snorkel a sunken boat!
Relax and let your worries wash away!
Snorkeling and making memories with the whole family
One of the wrecks we take you to for snorkeling
We call this the bucket trick!
A puffer fish
Beautiful Day in Paradise!
A Dolphin Mommy swimming with her baby close to her!
A Manatee was spotted on one of our recent tours! These are the pictures submitted by our customers! Thanks!
What a gentle giant!
This is an older view of Shell Island and Panama City Beach. The Island is the closest strip of land in the photo and on the other side of the channel is PCB.